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Tai Software's Shipping Marketplace is powered by Tai Artificial Intelligence and Tai Mobile capabilities. TSM continues to address some of the most basic business challenges that our logistics industry faces today and has become a game changer in the answer to "free shipping" since we know shipping is not free.

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Logistics Expert System

Tai Software has pioneered the first cloud-based Logistics Expert System (LES) built on intelligence for the logistics industry.

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Tai Mobile Intelligence

Tai Mobile Intelligence is the logistics industry's only mobile app that supports all modes of transportation, creates shipment and trailer capacity visibility while supporting on-demand data, API integration, and business process management via Self-Service tools.


Cost Center to Profit Center

Tai Software enables organizations to combat the Amazon "free shipping" effect by converting Logistics Cost Centers into Logistics Profit Centers.

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We are pleased to bring you our new TMS. Simply enter the Origin and Destination zip codes of the shipment click GO and this will navigate you immediately to Step 2.

In order for our customers to receive quotes and tender shipments for Next Day and 2nd Day Service levels you must first become a registered user of our website. Contact us for more information.

Each shipment will be subject to a Fuel Surcharge (FSC). With the ever changing cost in fuel, it is our goal here at ABL to keep our FSC consistent and at a cost below the market % for each of our customers.